Other Resources on the Web

Evangelism Resources

This is a great place to buy flashy and witty tracts.
This site is dedicated to teaching believers how to witness effectively.
This is a great place to start meeting with others who have a passion for street evangelism.
This brother has some good teachings on evangelism that will fire you up.
This is an awesome place to get multimedia tracts. This site is truly committed to reaching the lost by making good-looking CD's to distribute. The media is (ALL FREE) to anyone who requests the material.
The Lord has used this brother's site to encourage the creation of www.insightsofgod.com. It has many christian resources along with audio testimonies to encourage believers to witness and grow in God.
Chick Tracts have been around for a long time. These tracts are very effective since they are comics. I have met several people who have been directly affected by these tracts.
This site was also made by a dear brother in Christ who has a passion for street evangelism. Lots resources to share your faith effectively.

Teaching Resources

You can find so many great teachings to download for free on this site. It's truly a blessing.
Brother Sid hosts a television show called "It's Supernatural". These shows are interviews with brothers and sisters who have experienced Jesus in ways that can only be defined as supernatural. If you listen to the radio broadcasts or view the show streams, you will be encouraged by many of the people interviewed!
This is another wonderful place to download good teaching audio. A lot of it encompasses stuff from 20 years ago that was very good.
This site has blessed me so much with it's free hosting of many Classic Christian Books that have spiritually nourished the generations.
This, in my opinion, is one of the best online bibles available.
Thanks to our dear brother in Christ, we have an awesome free downloadable study bible for our computers!

Prophetic Resources

Every week, brother Bill Somers uploads prophecies, visions, and occurrences given to him by prophets and teachers around the world.
His style and message may be perceived as controversial, but I believe this is a true prophet from God.
Prophet Don Paul has some amazing revelation into the spiritual realms and warfare in the spirit. The material he talks about is not for beginners in the faith.
Another prophet of God who has a lot of good material on his site.
This is another site that is dedicated to the prophetic by Patricia King. It is very similar to Sid Roth's in that there are many free interview videos to glean from.
Brother Paulus teaches some sound doctrine on the office of a prophet.
This site, founded by Dumitru Duduman, hosts most of Dumitru's prophecies during his ministry period.
Go to Teresa's Testimonies page for some edifying teaching/testimonies.
Many great testimonies concerning former muslims and people who have seen Jesus. Also addresses a broad area of paranormal and mystical topics.