This section includes biographical books of men and women that have overcome the world in their lives. Their testimonies demonstrate the faithfulness of God
and testify to us that there is so much more that we can do in this life if we simply trust Jesus. You will definitely be blessed as you read these life stories.

The Cross

Jesus in China

There are multitudes of saints in China who are walking the walk of faith and suffering persecution. These videos highlight the amazing history of the Church in China and illustrate God's mighty hand in revival among our Chinese brethren. Watch the wonderful testimonies by simple men and women used by God in China! Also included is China's Confession, a documentary of China's history with God and how eventually this country abandoned the true God. It highlights the deep spiritual roots of China.

Sadhu Sundar Singh

The Apostle of Bleeding Feet

This mighty evangelist was and still is considered an influential mystic of the 19th Century. Also known as the "Apostle of Bleeding Feet," Sundar Singh demonstrated like Paul what it means to suffer for the Gospel's sake.
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Paul Gabanek

Ministry of the Holy Spirit

Paul, a dear brother from Slovakia, recounts many of the ways that the Holy Spirit has directed his life. His life was very similar to Prophet Dumitru Dudaman. Read about many of the miracles that the Holy Spirit performed through this humble servant of God!
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Jeanne-Marie Bouvier de la Motte-Guyon

Praying Mystic

Madame Guyon is well known for her teachings on internal prayer. She stressed mightily in her teachings that the Kingdom of God is within you. Thus, she emphasized that when we relate to God, we do so internally, communing with the Holy Spirit who lives within us. Like many monks of her time period, she gave all of her possessions away and consecrated herself to Jesus. Although she was sickly, God used her in a mighty way to lead people to prayer and communion with God.
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Martha Wing Robinson

Lover of God

Martha's story is one that represents most of us. She ran from God's call as long as she could until God's love overtook her. Her life exemplifies what giving up your life completely into the call of God can do. God healed her from a sickly nature and from the state of invalidity. She then committed herself to utter devotion to God's will. Her story will greatly encourage you.

John Wesley

Amazing Reformer

This is one of the most disciplined believers I have ever heard of. This reformer's life is truly an inspiration on what Jesus can do with a submitted vessel.
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David Brainerd

Mighty Missionary to the Indians

This young martyr's life is truly a spectacle of God's grace. Through his life, he battled with gloominess and despair over his sins, questioning his salvation often. In spite of this, God used this small sickly young man to impact a nation of indians through fervent intercession and consistent ministry.
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