Raised from the Dead for the glory of God

by Topaze Gomes

Testimony of Ms.Topaze, born on 12th December 1979 residing at Royal Cottage, No.38 Manickam Street, Choolai, Chennai - 600112, South India, the eldest daughter of Mr. & Mrs. Agrawal, having one younger sister and two younger brothers.

On 24:05:2004 I, Topaze, was admitted in St.Isabel Hospital, Chennai for severe pain in my lower back and swollen tailbone! For 3 days I was given pain killers in the form of high dosed injections, 3 strong doses of tablets a day, physiotherapy and a couple of blood tests that proved no sign of any disease. After 3 days, the confused Orthopedic doctor was neither able to relieve me of the pain at least by 1% nor was he successful detecting the cause of the pain. It was a failure!

On 27:05:2004 I was taken to a Government Hospital were both the Neurologist and the Orthopedic examined me and gave me some pain killer tablets.

Still doing me no good on 28:05:2004, I was taken to Chennai Kaliappa Hospital. The Orthopedic examined me, as the Neurologist guaranteed nothing wrong from his side, after going through the previous reports he assumed the cause of the pain to be T.B (Tuberculosis). By this time the pain increased more and started to travel downwards simultaneously traveling up my spine! I could not straight myself, I was bent! I couldn't lie on my stomach neither on my back but only on both my hip bones - on my sides and when both my sides pain and gives up, somebody carries me to stand and hold the nearby window or cupboard. I would hold it and hang from it. The doctors advised me to take FRESH BLOOD TESTS! The blood was taken to the Mumbai Laboratory for testing. After 3 days, the reports proved negative!

By now, my body was torn in pieces. The pain traveled down to my legs and I was unable to walk without anybody's support on both sides of me, I was unable to eat by myself, I was unable to sit, I was unable to sleep because the pain was so acute, I was unable to eat/chew solid food as it would cause severe pain in my lower back. Being a woman, I suffered during my menstrual days as I couldn't wash myself or change, I was unable to dress myself, comb my hair, even go to the toilet, or even have a bath by myself. I was just like a newborn baby for my parents. Life for me was miserable and painful.

On 30:05:2004 Pastor Okorie John Ikechukwu, a Nigerian servant of God was called to my house for prayers. He prayed for me and told my parents "it is no way related to medicals as it is a high calling of God and He has visited this family." By then my family was a divided, meaning, my father was a Hindu (marvadi) and my mother was an Anglo-Indian lady. He turned to my father and told me "Don't take your daughter for any more medications as it will worsen her till her near end but your daughter's healing is in your turning and accepting Jesus into your life!" But he refused saying that he got a lot of money, he will take me to the best doctor who will put me back on my feet again and spoke rudely and harshly to him. Pastor calmly went away!

On 31:05:2004 I was taken to Apollo Hospital, the doctors advised fresh blood tests. The moment I heard this what went through me I can't explain because by this time I had already taken 3 - 4 blood tests. They took the blood tests and tested it in Mumbai laboratory. I was admitted immediately on the advise of 3 Orthopedics, Rheumatologist, Psychiatrist and Neurologist, totally 5 doctors of different fields took up my case. Every day I took 25 tablets, 2 high dosed oil injections and current physiotherapy treatment on my spine and tailbone. After all their vain efforts they gave an injection direct on my tailbone! Truly it was the worst among all! After 3 days, things did not change an inch for the better for me! I was carried back home.

On 05:06:2004 Pastor Okorie John Ikechukwu, being led by the spirit of God, came to my house. He gave me a word from the Lord from Isaiah 54:10. He turned to my father and warned him saying you will lose your daughter if you don't heed to the word of the Lord! My father ignored him and also threatened to call the police. Pastor went away smiling.

On 06:06:2004 I was carried to a church for prayers. The Pastor and his wife asked me which religion I belonged to and I replied saying, "I am a Christian!" After a word of prayer he told my parents and loved ones to leave me alone with them. I was lying on the cot in a room surrounded by them. Both started praying for me and I closed my eyes and kept claiming "Victory through the blood of Jesus Christ, satan is a defeated enemy." When I opened my eyes after few moments I saw horns on both their heads while I heard them speaking a different language! I kept claiming the blood of Jesus. After some time, they told me to say a small prayer to mother Mary saying that ONLY she can heal me. I smiled and told them "If I live, I live for Jesus and if I die, I die for Jesus." And my parents and loved ones carried me back home. I tell you brethren, if Jesus was not with me, I would have perished physically or spiritually!

On 18:06:2004 I was carried to Vijaya Hospital for a Nuclei Scan under the advise of a general surgeon who after hearing my previous treatments described the Nuclei Scan as "the last bus stop!" I was given a very painful oil injection in my veins after which the scan was taken. The next day the Nuclei scan reports came. The cause of the pain to be Spondalietis that later on, proved to be false.
At this time, there was pain in my lower back, my legs, my whole vertebrae column, my neck, difference in feelings from the right hand and leg to the left hand and leg. I used to drink only liquid as I could not eat solid food, I became worse than before.

On 20:06:2004 a Neurologist from Mehta Hospital visited me at home. He examined me, went through all the old and new reports and promised to do his best. Next day he brought a physiotherapist who did a few examinations on me and went confused. He couldn't help me.
In the evening I was taken to another ministry for prayers, there the pastor put his hands on my head and started praying. As I kept claiming "Victory through the blood of Jesus Christ, satan is a defeated enemy" he started trembling while I was still. His eyes set ablaze with restless heat from his hands. After a few moments he looked confused and hurried away! Truly my beloved, if Jesus was not with me I would have perished either physically or spiritually.

On 21:06:2004 I was taken to Mercury Hospital where the best Neurologist in the city examined me and prescribed 8 tablets of 100mgs a day to be continued for 3 days. But still it did no good. Later on, we found out that they tablets had OPIUM in them and were given only to dying patients to linger their life.
Medicine and Machine failed!

On 24:06:2004 my father brought a REIKI doctor for me. This doctor uses the energy from the universe to heal people. He had a record of healing people of all diseases and sicknesses in all parts of the world. He guaranteed my father that he would put me back on my feet within 2 days. He placed small magnets and food grams on my finger veins that had a connection to my lower back, legs, neck, spine and tied them tightly with a cello tape. He then started praying on those areas. Twice a day he would come and tie my fingers and toes with the magnets and grams. It was an added pain for me but on the third day when he came to see me he told my parents that it was the first case in his whole life and experience where his power did not work! He turned to me and said "my patients in London are getting healed when I send the energy from India but you are not even getting affected." I smiled at him claiming "Victory through the blood of Jesus Christ, satan is a defeated enemy!" he left confused and defeated.
By this time, I couldn't use my hands, I couldn't even hold my toothbrush to clean my teeth, I couldn't even hold an empty glass, my tongue was tasteless and bitter, I drank water to quench my thirst but it tasted like gall in my mouth!

On 26:06:2004 at 12.00 noon, the pain rose to my head. My head was heavy and I couldn't bear the headache. I lost all physical strength. I couldn't even breathe, my chest pain was severe, my vision blurred, my voice fainted, my heartbeat slowed down and it seemed as though it was the end of it all. In the midst of all this I felt great peace in my heart that was the only thing from which I drew strength and laid still on my bed. I called my parents and whispered saying "its no time to pray but praise God." The ambulance arrived from Malar Hospital and the doctor confirmed my last.

I lay still on my bed with my whole family and loved ones crying bitterly around me. It was a house of mourning. Suddenly in the stillness that I was in, I heard a strong but low voice saying, "Tell them to call my servant." I opened my eyes halfway and whispered it in my father's ears as he held my hand in defeat. I heard him call Pastor Okorie John Ikechukwu humbly requesting him to come home and pray for his dying daughter and asking forgiveness for all that he spoke and the manner he behaved towards him. With my eyes closed I heard a beautiful choir singing which I can't describe and then I saw a huge cloud of fire that is indescribable. It was glorious! I WAS DEAD! Everything stopped functioning in me physically.

I found myself in a huge mansion. I saw crowds of people dressed in white worshipping Him who sat on a big throne. They all knelt down together and rose up together with lifted hands. In a fraction of a second I found myself right before the throne. He did not need any introduction as my whole being knew the He was GOD ALMIGHTY. Great light radiated from Him. His garments were whiter than snow and its very look showed its softness. On to His right hand, I saw Him that sat on a throne and without hesitation and introduction I knew He was JESUS. As I saw Him He smiled at me saying, "You have done it." And He stretched out his hand giving me a trophy. I took it without uttering a word and turned to Him that sat on the big throne. He opened His arms wide and I found myself in them. The love, compassion, gentleness, warmth, tenderness that I felt is indescribable. I only said, "Lord, I'm not worthy!" and I fell down at his feet crying and worshipped Him.

After a very long time I heard Him instruct me "You have to go back, for now!" and within a fraction of a second I opened my eyes. I saw Pastor Okorie John Ikechukwu holding my face with his hands and looking straight into my eyes. I felt holiness around me. He then had the leading to sprinkle water that he prayed over, on me and I opened my eyes wide.
He then prayed for me moving his hand over my back and then he found something at my lower back blocking his hand. So he prayed again and he caught something from my back and threw it out of the house again he moved his hand over my back and there was no blocking this time, his hands went free. After that he said "GET UP IN JESUS NAME!" and I slowly without anybody's support got up on my feet crying. Everyone was praising God. I opened my mouth to speak but words was in a different language! Then Pastor said "WALK IN JESUS NAME!" and I started walking straightened without anybody's support in Jesus name after two months.

I had no bent back, I was able to speak normally, I was breathing properly, I was able to walk, run, jump, stand, etc., there was no headache, no pain in my neck, no pain in my back, no chest pain, no pain in my legs and my vision was clear. NO PAIN AT ALL.

All glory, praise and honor to our lord Jesus Christ. I thank God for doing the impossible in my life. I also thank God for the new life that He has given me, bringing me back from death! My mother being an Anglo-Indian could not help me beyond all her sincere effort, my father having lots of money could not help me. I being good in Jiving (dancer) did not help me but being a Christian with the peace of God helped me!
I gratefully thank my Pastor Okorie John Ikechukwu, his family and all the members of the Victory Ministries for their prayers for me and my family.

I thank and congratulate my father for turning to Jesus, mother, sister, brothers, cousins, loved ones and all who prayed for me.

A special thanks to my younger brother Kern alias Joseph for his support to me in my suffering.
Truly, Our God is above all Gods, Our God still is on the throne, Our God alone does great wonders for His children, and He never puts his children to shame especially when they truly stand for Him. He is GOD ALMIGHTY.

Victory Through The Blood of Jesus Christ, satan is a Defeated Enemy!