A message from God (Aldo's Letters)

Friday, February 23 2007

Do you know that we will be together in heaven?
Their we will no longer be sick. Every one is healthy and God sits on His throne with His Son next to Him.
He wants to come and get His bride, but she is not ready. She has to lay down her sins,
Because the bride is holy. Mommy, you have to tell the people that we are the Laodicean church. (Revelations 3:14-22)
God will bring His judgment over all who donít accept Him.

Saturday, February 24 2007

Please be ready when God sends His Son to come fetch us.
It is going to be quicker than we think.
Will you please accept Jesus as your savior, other wise you are going to be too late!
Know for sure that there is a hell, Jesus showed me everything. Believe me; you donít want to go to hell!
Jesus said, those who accept Him will not be lost.
Heaven is only love and their we will live together with God.
Will you please believe me, and accept Jesus.
You can also be His bride, but you have to lay down your life, PLEASE do it now!

Monday, February 26, 2007

You have to warn the people that the Lord is on His way, and they have to be ready for Him.
Their is a wedding supper waiting for all that are ready. Please read Matthew 25
I Love You Jesus, thank you that You died for me. Love You Spirit of God.
Throw everything out of your house that is not from God, ask the spirit.
Do you know mommy that you are called for God Himself, and that you must live for Him alone.
Who will go and tell the world about Him?
God will heal me, and I will serve Him as long as I live.